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Kids - $4.75

Choice of rice or french fries

Milanesa de Pollo

Breaded chicken breast

Cheese Quesadilla

Flour tortilla with melted cheese.

Chicken Nuggets

Breaded and fried ground chicken.


Burrito with cheese and beans



Sponge cake.

Nieve Frita

Fried ice cream with chocolate syrup, whip cream and a cherry.

Banana King



Thick deep fried doughnut stick.

Carefully crafted, yet bold flavored. Rooted in tradition, yet adventuring into contemporary tastes. The Chef’s at Burrito King blend the earthy flavors of their native Mexico with worldly ingredients and creative cooking techniques to create the modern Mexican cuisine. Our hospitality is warm and Latin. We welcome you to linger over fresh drinks, rediscover Mexican classics – guacamole, tacos with authentic fillings and fresh-made tortillas – and savor the Chef’s signature dishes.


You satisfaction is our highest priority!