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Trio Fajitas

PRICE $15.50

Tacos Dinner

PRICE $9.99



Mojarra Frita


Main Dishes Trio Fajitas

Grilled steak, chicken, and shrimp served with onions, tomatoes and green Peppers.

Chicken & Steak


Hot stone cooking tool topped with grilled steak, chicken, smoked pork chop, Mexican sausage, Ranchera sauce, cambray onion, shrimp, cactus, fresh cheese, grilled banana peppers, and guacamole

Chuletoas de Puerco

Grilled pork chops topped with ranchero sauce. Served with rice and beans.

Tapatio Steak

Thick grilled steak topped with fresh grilled cactus, cambray onions & banana pepper served with rice, beans, avocado and tomatoes

Pollo en Mole

Chicken breast with mole sauce served with rice, beans and salad.

Pollo Frito

Fried chicken served with choice of rice and beans or fries,

Carne ensu Jugo

Small pieces of steak are cooked in thier juices, then mixed with whole beans and crispy bacon.


A mixture of chicken breast, steak, mexican sausage, banana peppers, cambray onions, jalapeno  pepper, and slices of potaoes. Served with rice and beans

Dinner with Choice of Meat

1 or 2 different meats served with rice, beans and salad.

Taco Dinner

3 big corn tortilla or 3 flour tortilla tacos or 4 small tortilla tacos with your choice of meat.

Milanesa de Pollo o Res

Prepared with breaded chicken breast or steak

$8.50 / a la Carta $2.65

Corn tortillas rolled up with your choice of either beef or chicken, topped with guacamole, tomato and sour cream

Pollo Loco

Chicken Breast, with ranchero sauce and mealted cheese on the top

Dinner de Pollo en Salsa Verde o Salsa Ranchera

Chicken stew dinner in green or ranchera sauce

Fajita de Pollo o Res o Mix

Chicken or beef fajitas served with grilled onions, tomatoes and green Peppers

Trio Fajitas

Grilled steak, chicken, and shrimp served with onions, tomatoes and green Peppers

Parrilla De Pollo, Res o Mixta

Grilled Chicken or Steak witli homemade adobo, served with avocado

Chile Relleno

Poblano pepper stuffed with your choice of either beef or cheese

Pollo Loco

Chicken breast with ranchero sauce ana melted cheese on top

Milanesa Ranchera

Prepared with your choice of breaded chicken or steak, topped with ranchero sauce and cheese

Mexican Steak

Grilled beef with a mixture of onios, tomatoes and hot peppers

Cielo, Mar y Tierra

Grilled steak, chicken and shrimp

Hard Tacos Combo

3 hard Shell tacos with your choice of meat topped with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and cheese


Prepared with grilled steak topped with onions, tomato and jalapenos. Served with a marinated pork taco, and a cheese enchilada and pineapple.

Mexican Sandwich

3 Flour tortillas layered with rice and beans topped with your choice of meat and cheese

Dinner Combination

One enchilada, one burrito, one hard shell taco and one tostada with your choice of one meat. No substitutions.

Roast Meat Dinner

Served with fried beans, rice, avocado slices, cactus with grilled onions, and jalapeno.


2 skewers with your choice of meat, chicken or steak, onions, zucchini, carrots, Green peppers

Mariachi Loco

Grilled steak, marinated pork, ham, bacon, cheese, green pepper, onions, tomatoes and pineapple served with rice and beans
Chile Relleno Poblano pepper stuffed with your choice of either beef or cheese $9.99


Camarones Rancheros


Enchiladas de Camaron

Shrimp Enchiladas

Camarones Empanizados

Breaded shrimp

Fajita de Camaron

Shirmp fajitas

Alambres de Camaron

Shrimp kabob

Shrimp Diablo

Spicy shirmp

Caldo de Cammaron o Mixto
$8.99sm / $11.99lg

Shrimp or mixed seafood soup with vegetables.

Camarones con Nopales

Shrimp with cactus cooked in our special adobo sauce

7 Mares
$14.50lg only

Mixed seafood soup with vegetables

Caldo de Pescado
$9.99lg only

Fish soup with vegetables

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